Arizona Women's Billiard Tour

2008 Tour Stop 1

Metro Sportz Bar$500 Added WPBA Qualifier Presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues

33 Women came to play AWBT’s $500 Added WPBA Qualifier at Metro Sportz Bar! This event was a qualifier for the WPBA San Diego Classic event in Alpine California presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues.


Metro Winner

The top 8 emerged and the first matches called on Sunday were: Kristin Haney vs. Madhatter Susan Mello and Edwidge Cavanna vs. Line Kjorsvik all playing on the A-side. The B-side started with Holly Sholes vs. Susan Wilbur and Susan Williams vs. Justin e Bishop.

The hotseat match was between Kristin Haney and Line (Prounced Leena) Kjorsvik (Pronounced Shooshvik) from Norway. Line beat Kristin by a commanding 7 to 0 victory.

Kristin went on to play Justine Bishop in the semi final match. Justine won the match by a 7 to 5 victory.

With Kristin eliminated from the tournament, Line Kjorsvik won the qualifier spot before she even had to play the final match.

Justine went on to play Line for the final match. Since it was a true double elimination event, Justine would need to beat Line in two sets of a race to 4. As with all of her other matches, Line dominated the match and won with the score of 7 to 1. Congratulations Line! We’ll all be routing for you during April! We hope to see you again. See final points standings for prize money payouts!

18 women came back on Sunday to play in the free second chance tournament! Congratulations to Kathleen Lawless for first place and Noel Rima for 2nd place! See final points standings for prize money payouts!

On Sunday, Mike Logan from Phoenix donated $20 to the first player to snap the 9 on the break! Trinh Lu was the next lucky lady to snap the 9 and won the money! A big thanks goes out to Mike Logan for his awesome donation!

We also held a raffle for a gorgeous J. Pechauer Custom Cue valued at $460! Congrats to Tim Casey from Phoenix for winning this beautiful cue! According to friends, this is just what Tim needed as he plays pool a lot and always plays with a house cue! So it worked out perfectly! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, thanks to your contributions, the AWBT raised $389!

A BIG HUGE thanks goes out to Louie, Becky, Terry and everyone else at Metro! We love playing at this awesome, sprawling establishment!

The next tournament will be March 29th & 30th at Kolby’s Corner Pocket in Tempe! This is a huge event for the AWBT! The winner of the qualifier will receive entry into 2 major events! Firstly, it will be a $500 Added, paid WPBA Qualifier presented by J. Pechauer Custom cues! The spot given will be for the WPBA Classic event at the Blue Chip Casino, Indiana in June. Secondly, this will be a paid qualifier for the Desert Shootout on April 24 – 27 at the Sheraton Crescent, sponsored by Pool Playing Promotions! This qualifier entry is a $400 value and graciously donated to the AWBT by Chuck at Visual Impressions! Thank you to Chuck at Visual Impressions and J. Pechauer Custom Cues! We’re very excited and hope to see!



Top 16 Finishers in Main Event: Finish $ Earned Name

1 330.00 Line Kjorsvik

2 220.00 Justine Bishop

3 145.00 Kristin Haney

4 95.00 Holly Sholes

5/6 65.00ea Edwidge Cavanna

Susan Madhatter Mello

7/8 40.00ea Susan Wilbur

Susan Williams (Sponsored by Teague Custom Cues)

9-12 30.00ea Beverly Cook

Sara Miller

Holly Ryan

Lila Woodland

13-16 20.00ea Christy Goldsmith

Natalie Hostler

Marney Teague

Kathleen Lawless

Top 4 Finishers in Second Chance Event: Finish $ Earned Name

1 55.00 Kathleen Lawless

2 35.00 Noel Rima

3 25.00 Liz Bernreuter

4 15.00 Terri Johnson-McCauley

Current Points Standings after 1 event:

Rank Name Points Earned
Stop 1
Metro Sportz Bar
Total Points
1 Line Kjorsvik 200 200
2 Justine Bishop 160 160
3 Kristin Haney 125 125
4 Holly Sholes 100 100
5 Edwidge Cavanna 80 80
5 Susan Mello 80 80
7 Susan Wilbur 65 65
7 Susan Williams (Sponsor Teague Custom Cues) 65 65
9 Beverly Cook 50 50
9 Holly Ryan 50 50
9 Lila Woodland 50 50
9 Sara Miller 50 50
13 Christy Goldsmith 40 40
13 Kathleen Lawless 40 40
13 Natalie Hostler 40 40
17 Ashea Erdahl 30 30
17 Jeri Engh 30 30
17 Kathy Phelps 30 30
17 Katie Moore 30 30
17 Linda Adams 30 30
17 Liz Bernreuter 30 30
17 Marney Teague 30 30
17 Pamela Barbosa 30 30
17 Sophia Morquecho 30 30
17 Terry Johnson-McCauley 30 30
25 Barbara Allen 25 25
25 Claudia Justus 25 25
25 Donna Taylor 25 25
25 Haley Leal 25 25
25 Noel Rima 25 25
25 Pat Schultz 25 25
25 Priscilla Hernandez 25 25
33 Trinh Lu 25 25

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