Arizona Women's Billiard Tour

2006 Tour Stop 9

AWBT’S 9TH Stop November 4th & 5th, 2006 – Metro Sportz Bar

27 women came out to Metro to play in the AWBT 9 ball tournament. Thank you to all the Ladies who participated and a big thank you to Metro Sportz Bar for having come out and play. This was a paid qualifier for a spot in a 2007 WPBA Classic event of the winners choice.

With Bernie Store & Bonnie Plowman the final match started and since this a true double elimination tournament, Bernie will have to beat Bonnie in two sets of a race to 7. Bernie won the lag to start the first set off.

1st game: With this being the first game Bonnie ran out five balls for her first win.

2nd game: For the 2nd game Bernie made the 1 ball and unfortunately got bad shape for the 2. she tried a kick and missed leaving ball in hand for Bonnie on a 2/9 combo and making the game look easy, gaining her second win.

3rd game: The 3rd game Bernie broke and made nothing in. Bonnie took charge of the table a ran out all 9 balls.

4th game: Bonnie broke, made a ball and the combo of the 1/9. The score was now 4 – 0.

5th game Bernie broke and hade a nice run of 5 balls, but miss the 3. With only 4 balls left on the table Bonnie once again was able to run out with the score a 5 – 0.

6th game: Bonnie broke and made nothing. This game went back and forth and Bonnie did it again with a 7/9 combo. The score now at 6 –0

7th game; Bernie Broke making a ball and had a beautiful run out and finally put her on the board with the score at 6 –1

8th game: Bonnie broke. With her run out this gave Bonnie win and the final score was 7 – 1.

Congratulations to Bonnie Plowman for 1st place! You did an excellent job! Bonnie was awarded $300 in prize monies and a paid spot into a 2007 WPBA Classic event of her choice. We also want to congratulate all of our Ladies who made it to the top 12.

1st place – – Bonnie Plowman

2nd place – – Bernie Store

3rd place – – Holly Sholes

4th place – Susan Williams

5th/6th place – Susan Mello

– Jeri Engh

7th/8th place – Marita Incalcaterra

– April Davis

9th/12th place – Kristen Haney

– Tamara Morales

– Linda McBride

– Natalie Hostler


10 Ladies signed up, but only 5 showed up for the 2nd Chance event. With this being a true double elimination tournament Holly Ryan will have to beat Mary Moench two set of a race to 5 for 1st place.

Mary Moench came in first place taking home $70 and Holly Ryan came in 2nd winning $35. Congratulations Ladies! Holly Ryan and Mary Moench did a great job and we hope to see you next month for our 10th and final stop on December 9th and 10th, 2006.


Remember to put in newsletter about 2nd chance sign up and points docked:

Ladies, just a friendly reminder. If you sign up for the 2nd Chance tournament and do not show up for it you will docked a point.


New announcement! After the sign up sheet for the 2nd Chance tournament was filled on Saturday we had only half of the ladies show up. In the future we will no longer have a sign up sheet on Saturdays for the 2nd Chance tournament. So, for any of you who want to play in future 2nd Chance tournaments you will have to sing up for it on Sunday at a scheduled time that Dawn Anderson will announce.


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