Arizona Women's Billiard Tour

2006 Tour Stop 7

AWBT 7th Stop – $500 Added WPBA Qualifier August 19-20 – Pockets Tucson!
23 Women made the trek to Tucson to play in one of our favorite joints, Pockets! This was a $500 added WPBA Qualifier with a total purse of $1075! 

It appeared to be heading towards a repeat of last months final match with a few exceptions!  This time Holly Sholes won the hot seat with ease stomping all of her opponents quickly.  While she waited in the hot seat, Susan Mello was making her way through the b-side to have another shot at Holly this month.

Holly had knocked Mello to the B side in the 6th round, but after that, Mello fought back.   Mello beat newcomer Kathleen Lawless by an awesome 7 to 3 victory.  Then went on to beat Diana Clayton by another large margin on 7 to 2.

The final match started and for the second moth in a row the final match was Mello vs. Holly.  Since this is a true double elimination tournament, Mello would have to beat Holly in two sets of a race to 7.  Holly won the lag and broke but Mello won the game and quickly got on the board first.  In game two, Holly made a great 8-9 combo shot to get on the board making it tied 1-1.  Holly broke the third game and ran down to the 7 ball but left herself hooked behind the nine.  She kicked at the 7, just missed the side pocket and left Mello with an extremely difficult shot with the cue ball on the end rail and the 7 far down on the opposite side rail.  Mello calmly walked to the table, shot on the 7, made it, left herself perfect shape on the 8, and easily made the 8 and 9, making the score 2 – 1.  The next game, Mello made an awesome carom 9-ball shot off the –ball and just like that she was up 3 – 1.  Holly turned right around in the next game and made an equally brilliant 9-ball carom off the 3 ball to win that game!  The score was then Mello 3, Holly 2.  Holly made an uncharacteristic mistake on a relatively easy 9 ball shot, but left Mello with a difficult bank.  Mello meant to bank the 9-ball in the side and just missed, but got a lucky break when the 9-ball hit the tip and reflected off into the corner pocket!  This made the score Mello 4, Holly 2.  Mello was playing amazingly well, and won the next 3 games and easily won the first set 7 to 2.  The ladies took a break and got ready to finish this off in the last set.  Both women had played remarkably well all weekend and this was such an intense match to watch! 

The next set started and this time Mello won the lag and won the first two games, making the score 2 – 0.  Holly got the next one and got on the board making the score 2 – 1.  The next game Holly made the 8 but scratched, which left Mello with ball in hand on the 9, which she made, which made the score 3-1.  Holly got right back in the game and won the next game, which made the score 3-2. Susan shot a three ball out the next game putting her up 4-2. Holly put together a really nice run the next game, she ran out from the 2-ball and won the game, getting her score closer at 4-3.  In the next game, Holly rattled the 8 and left Mello with a two ball out.  Mello made the 8, but rattled the nine and left it hanging! Holly jumped up to the table and easily made the 9 which made the score tied at 4! The next game went back and forth, both women had a shot at the 8 and missed, then Holly was left up at the table with the 8 and 9. She made both and pulled ahead 5 – 4!  What a comeback! Holly put together another fabulous run the next game and won putting her on the hill with Mello still at 4!  Mello wasn’t out yet! She broke and ran the next game which put her right back in it at 5 with Holly still sitting on the hill.  In the blink of an eye the last game was over as I looked up to see Holly making the 9-ball to win the set, the match and the Victory!  Congratulations to Mello for a great 2nd place finish and $220 in prize money!

And another BIG HUGE Congrats once more to Holly Sholes for her 2nd Qualifier win in a row and $300 in prize money! Congratulations Holly!  We’ll all be routing for you!

2nd Chance Event on Sunday at Pockets!
The AWBT also held a 2nd chance tournament on Sunday.  10 women came back to play in this free event!  Congratulations to Martha Zanetis for taking 2nd place and $25 prize money and congratulations to Bonnie Plowman for an awesome 1st place finish and $50!

The AWBT also held a 50/50 raffle!  We raised a total of $95.   The winner was Dusty from Prescott (Kristin Haney’s Hubby) who received half the pot which was $47.50 AND a Glenn Bond Instructional DVD valued at $40!

We want to send out a BIG HUGE thank you to Lenny, Donna, Valerie and everyone at Pockets!  If any of you get down to Tucson make sure you stop by Pockets and see their fabulous tables, eat some of their tasty food and check out their awesome pro shop!

We look forward to seeing all of you at our next tournament, which will be an 8-ball event at Alexander’s on October 4th and 5th!

Secretary & Pres – Election Time Again!

It’s time again for the President and Secretary terms to turnover!

So far we have received 1 nomination each for Secretary for President. Since we have not had a Secretary in so long, Allison Wayland, who was nominated has stepped up and has already started helping and getting her feet wet!  YAY Allison!  The only nomination received for President has been for the current pres, Dawn Anderson.  We will continue to accept nominations until the October tournament and will hold the official vote during that tournament at Alexanders on October 7th and 8th.


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