Arizona Women's Billiard Tour

2006 Tour Stop 6

AWBT 6th Stop – $500 Added WPBA Qualifier July 22-23 – Sixshooters!

35 women from all over the US came out to Sixshooters to play for the WPBA Qualifier and a total purse of $1375!

The top 8 ladies emerged as Sunday started.  On the A-side was Holly Sholes vs. Susan Mello and Susan Williams vs. Noel Rima.  The B-side started with Kristin Haney vs. Melinda Huang and Bonnie Plowman vs. Marney Teague.
One by one, each were eliminated until only 2 remained.  Susan Mello and Holly Sholes.  These two ladies met up in the 8th round, the first match of Sunday.  In that match, Susan was the victor.  She beat Holly by a landslide 7-0 victory.  Susan then went on to beat Noel Rima to claim the Hot-seat.  Susan had played fabulously all weekend.  None of her opponents had won more than 3 games in any given match!

Holly also had been playing terrific all weekend, and other than the earlier match with Susan, Holly had handed it to her competitors as well.  A couple opponents had gotten 5 games and 4 games against her, but all others were sat down quickly without even winning one game!

We knew this was going to be an excellent match just from watching both of these ladies beat up on everyone all weekend!  Since this was a true double elimination format, Holly would have to beat Susan in two sets of races to 7!

Susan won the first lag and quickly jumped off to a 3-0 start.  But Holly came back and won the next 7 games straight, winning the set 7-3. The ladies took a break, gathered their thoughts and lagged again.  This time Holly won the lag, but Susan once again made it on the board first.   The first several games went back and forth until the score was tied 3 – 3.  From there it was once again all Holly.  Holly put together some awesome runs and safes and took control of the table quickly in most of the following games.  Holly ended up winning this set 7 – 4.    This was such an intense match!  I don’t think either lady said one word during the whole two sets!  It was incredible to watch as both women made this beautiful game look SO easy!  It was very inspiring to watch!  Congratulations to Susan Mello for an outstanding 2nd place finish and $230.00 in prize monies!

A huge congratulations goes out to Holly for the victory, the $340 in prize money and the paid spot into a 2007 WPBA Classic Event!  Once the 2007 schedule is finalized and we know exactly what Classic Event Holly will be competing in, we’ll certainly let you all know so we all can route for her!  Congrats again Holly!


2nd Chance Event on Sunday at Sixshooters!
The AWBT also held a free second chance event on Sunday and 11 women came back to participate!  Congratulations to Michelle Trevino for 1st place and $77, to Jeri Engh for 2nd place and $42 and to Kathy Phelps for 3rd place and $22!  Not too shabby for a free tourney and an extra day of practice! Woo hoo!!

A BIG HUGE thank you goes out to JR, Mark, Alicia, Bobby and all the staff at Sixshooters!  We always enjoy playing at this facility!  The food is great, the atmosphere is great and it’s a real treat to play there!

We look forward to seeing all of you at our next tournament which will be a 9-ball WPBA Qualifier to be held on August 19-20 at Pockets Tucson!

Secretary & Pres – Election Time Again!

It’s time again for the President and Secretary terms to turnover!

Throughout August and September, we will be taking official nominations for these two positions!   Then we will hold the voting at the October tournament and via the October newsletter.  Then your official vote will be announced at the November tournament!

So far we have received 1 nomination for Secretary and none for President.  We need volunteers to keep this tour that we all love going! 

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