Arizona Women's Billiard Tour

2006 Tour Stop 10

Sixshooters – Qualifier December 9th and 10th


24 Ladies came out to AWBT’S last and final stop of 2006 at Sixshooters – Peoria. This was a paid 9-ball qualifier for a spot in a 2007 WPBA Classic Event of the winners choice. Thank you to all the Ladies who participated and to Sixshooters for having us come out and play.

This points championship race was so close going into this tournament that this tournament was going to determine who comes out on top as the 2006 AWBT points champion. The points champion will receive an invitation to all to the 2007 WPBA Classic Events. This brought out the best in all our Ladies since the tournament was of great importance.

Great job to all the Ladies! Anne Gray, Kristin Haney, Natalie Hostler, Melinda Huang, Susan Mello, Donna Taylor, Marney Teague & Susan Williams were the top 8 Ladies who came back to battle it out.

The hot seat match was between Kristin Haney and Anne Gray. These two Ladies fought their way trough the winners bracket to get to this point. Both played with great patience and took their time with each game. I have to say that this match between the two of them was great to watch. With the score at 7/4, Kristin Haney came out on top.

While Kristin Haney was waiting in the hot seat for her final opponent, Susan Mello and Anne Gray duked it out in the semi final match. With a winter bug going around Susan Mello was not feeling 100% great, but all sickness aside she played a phenomenal match against Anne Gray and took the win with a final score of 7/3

Sunday was quite a long day and with great anticipation the final match came down to Kristin Haney vs. Susan Mello – Two veterans of the AWBT. Since this is a true double elimination tournament Susan Mello will have to beat Kristin Haney to matches of a race to 7.Kristin won the lag and the first game began. This game went back and forth, but Mello made a great 7/9 combo in the corner pocket making the score 1 – 0. The second game Mello broke. This quick game went back and forth between the two again. With two balls left on the table Kristin was able to easily pocket them. The score was now 1 – 1. Kristin broke on the third game and made nothing. Mello made a few shots but didn’t get the safety she wanted. Kristin got up to the table and it came down to her making a beautiful 7/9 ball combo with the score at 2 – 0. Susan Mello broke on the forth game. Once again these two Ladies went back and forth. Kristin got ball in hand ran out the whole table from the 2 ball. The score was now 3 – 1. The fifth game Kristen Haney broke with nothing going in. Mello played a great safety on Kristin Haney. Kristin was unable to make contact with the hidden 1 ball and this gave Susan Mello ball in hand. With this advantage she had a great run, but unfortunately left herself bad on the 7 and with no choice left she played another safety. Kristin was able to kick at the 7, but hung it close to the 8 ball and in front of the corner pocket. Susan Mello was able to pocket the 7, got bad leave on the 8 and tried to play a safety. With a tough shot on the 8 Kristin Haney was able to pocket it and set herself up nicely for the 9 in the corner pocket making the score 4 – 1. After a short break the 6th got under way. Susan Mello broke and sunk the cue ball with the 1 ball following in. With ball in hand Kristin Haney was able to run the whole table out. She was now at a 5 win lead and Mello was stuck at 1. Kristin Haney broke for the 7th game. Back and forth again, the two ladies went. Susan Mello finally changed her focus on the game and was able to get a nice little run leaving a tough bank on the 6 ball for Kristin Haney. Kristin was unable to bank the 6 and this gave Susan Mello another chance to step up to the table. With her 4 ball run out the score was now 5 – 2. Susan Mello broke for the 8th game and again these two battled back and forth. Kristin Haney unfortunately hung the 8 ball in the corner and with ease made the 9 ball in the corner pocket with the score now at 3 – 5. With the 9th game Kristin broke. She had a nice little run but accidentally hooked herself on the 2 ball. With balls a little bit clustered and the 2 ball hidden this was not a pretty table for Mello. She ended up bouncing the cue ball off the table. Even with ball in hand Kristin was unable to run the 4 balls left on the table and Mello gained her forth win with Kristin still ahead by one point. Mello broke on the 10th game and made the 1 ball on the break. On her next shot, she made the 2 ball and the 5 ball in one stroke, but left herself hooked, not able to see the 4 ball. She kicked at it and made contact, but didn’t pocket the ball and left a long, relatively straight in shot down the rail for Kristin. Kristin made it and left perfect shape on the 6 ball, then went on to make the 7, 8 and 9 balls which put her on the hill with the score 6 to 4. The 11th game got into play with Kristin breaking. She got a nice spread on the table, but made nothing. Mello went for the 1 ball and missed. Kristin pocketed the 1 ball with too’ much speed on the cue ball that left her hooked on the 2 ball. She tried to kick at the 2 and missed giving ball in hand for Mello who then played a safe and once again Kristen attempted to kick at the 2, but missed again. This would be her 2nd consecutive foul. Mello got ball in hand and played a third safety. Kristin made no contact with the 2 ball. Because of the 3 foul rule being in effect this Mello the win with the score at 6 – 5. The 12th game Mello broke and made nothing. Kristin made the 1 and tried to play safe off the 2 ball but failed. This turned the table back over to Mello and from the 2 ball she had a beautiful run out of the table. Now both Ladies are on the hill. The very last game which determines the winner started off with Kristin on the break making nothing. Mello got up to the and made the 1 ball, but missed the 2. Kristin pocketed the 2 and 3 ball, but hooked herself on the 4 ball. She ended up missing it completely giving ball in hand to Mello. Mello made the 4 and missed the 5 ball. Kristen bobbled the 5 ball near the corner pocket. From the 5 ball Mello finally knuckled down and ran out for the win of the match with the final score at 7 – 6. Kristin Haney sure gave Susan Mello a run for her money, but now she has to try to defeat her once again.

With Mello winning the lag the first game to the 2nd match began. Mello broke and made 2 balls. She had no shape on the 1 ball and opted for push out. Kristin made the 1 ball unintentionally hooked Mello on the 3 ball. Mello got a nice hit on the 3, but didn’t pocket it. Unfortunately Kristin bobbled the 3 and luckily hooked Mello again. Mello missed the kick on the 3 ball. This gave Kristin ball in hand and a 6 ball run out putting her on the board. The 2nd game Kristen broke the rack making nothing. Mello made the one ball but left her self on the short side of the 2 ball which forced her to play smart and safe. Kristin kicked at the 2 ball and just barely missed the corner pocket. Mello tried to slow roll the 2, but the table curved the ball and she ended up missing the pocket. Kristin made the 3 and 4 ball and left herself lined up perfectly for a 5/9 ball ride with the score now a 2 – 0. The 3rd game Mello broke with nothing going in. Kristin made the one and played a safe on the 2 ball. Mello had to get out her jump cue and made a nice hit on the 2 ball. Kristin attempted to bank the 2 but missed the pocket. This left Mello with a tough kick and a nice hit at the 2 ball. Kristin was left with another bank on the 2 ball and again not able to pocket it. From the 2 ball Mello had a nice run up until she bobbled the 6 ball. Kristin missed the 6 ball and with the shape she left Mello tried to play safe. Kristin could see the 6, but bobbled about a foot away from the corner pocket. Mello attempted a cross bank a bobbled it close to the corner pocket. With the 6 ball finally in a better spot Kristin was able to make the 6, 7 and 9 ball making the score 3 – 0. The 4th game Kristin broke. This game went back and forth just pushing the 1 ball around. Kristin owned the table with a complete 9 ball run out! The score was 4 – 0. Mello broke for the 5th game. She made the 1 ball on the break and continued to run the table up until missing a straight in shot on the 8 ball that she was trying to good shape on the 9. both of the Ladies stabbed at the 8 a few more times Kristin made the 8 and when she went for the 9 she scratched giving ball in hand to Mello along with her first win and the score now at 4 – 1. Kristin broke for the 6th game. Mello made some spectacular shots. Then Kristen tried to go for a 6 ball run out, but miss-aimed the 6 ball and making it in the pocket. Once again the Ladies went back and forth. From the 6 ball Mello had a nice 4 ball run out. The score was now 4 – 2. After a quick rest Mello broke for the 7th game. Kristin made the one ball and played safe on the 2. Mello tried to kick and missed the 2 ball. Kristin made the 2 and bobbled the 3 ball. With 7 balls on the table Mello had great run out. The score was now at 4 – 3. Kristin broke for the 8th game and almost made the 9, but it stopped short of the corner pocket. Mello took her time and with a few small difficulties was able to have nice run of all 8 ball and unfortunately missing the 9. Kristin was able to pocket the 9 ball and made the score now 5 – 3. The 9th game Mello broke and made a ball. After making a few more balls she missed the 4 ball. Kristin mad the 4 and nice bank on the 5 ball. The 7 ball was an easy shot but leave on the 8 ball was a bit nasty, so she played safe. Mello was able to hit the 8 ball but bobbled it near the corner pocket. Kristin ran the 8 and 9 ball out with the score now at 6 –3. Kristin broke for the 10th game and made the 2 ball, but bobbled the 1 ball. Mello made the 1 and 3 ball. She attempted to long bank the 4 but missed. Kristin played smart and played safe on the 4 ball. Mello Kicked at it. Kristin made the 4 and a difficult 5 ball. She continued to make the 6 & 7 ball, but missed the 8 ball. Mello made the 8 then left herself a bit difficult on the 9 ball, so she played safe. With a deep breath Kristin hit the 9 and bobbled it in front of the corner pocket. Mello made the 9 ball making the score now 6 – 4. On the 11th game Mello broke. Kristin had a nice little run, but froze the cue ball with the 4 ball. She got a good hit & a safety. Mello kicked at the 4 ball and scratched. With ball in hand Kristin was able to run out the table and gain the win of the match with the final score at 7 – 4. Congratulations to Kristin Haney for taking 1st place, pocketing $285 and winning a paid spot in a 2007 WPBA Classic Event of her choice. Congratulations to Susan Mello on getting 2nd place and taking home $195. It was a grueling match, but you Ladies did extremely well. Once again we want to thank Sixshooters for having us here. Your food is real tasty and your staff is terrific!

This means that Susan Williams with the most points is our 2006 Points Champion! YAY! Congratulations Susan! Susan receives an invite to all of the 2007 Classic WPBA Events!


The AWBT also held a 2nd Chance Event on Sunday! Kathy Phelps came in first taking home $ 55 and Linda McBride came in 2nd place taking home $30. Kathy Phelps & Linda McBride did a great job! Congratulations to you both! We hope to see two again back at Sixshooters on January 13th and 14th, 2007!

Top 12 Ladies

Place $$ Earned Name

1 285 Kristin Haney

2 195 Susan Mello

3 145 Anne Gray

4 104 Susan Williams

5/6 66 Melinda Huang

5/6 66 Marney Teague

7/8 40 Natalie Hostler

7/8 40 Donna Taylor

9-12 20 Debbie Compton

9-12 20 Jeri Engh

9-12 20 Michelle Trevino

9-12 20 Susan Wilbur

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