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Three Foul Rule

Three Consecutive Fouls

If the same player makes three consecutive fouls during a game, including any foul committed on the break, it is a loss of game.

The opponent or referee must warn the player that she is on two fouls, for the three-foul rule to take place. Otherwise, the player remains on two fouls unless a legal hit is executed.

It is considered a foul when a player fails to first strike the lowest numbered ball on the table, scratches, fails to drive a ball to a rail after legal contact, or causes any ball to rest off the table.

When a match is presided over by a referee, it is a foul to touch any ball before, during, or after a shot with the exception of the cue tip contacting the cue ball during normal execution of a shot.

When a match is not refereed, it is a foul to touch the cue ball in play, purposely or accidentally touch any ball that has any effect on the shot. At her discretion, the opponent has the option to place the balls in their original position or leave them in their new position.

It is a foul when 2 or more object balls are purposely or accidentally moved. If it is possible to restore balls to their original position, the opponent has the option to do so. If it is not clear, or not possible to restore balls to their original position, the game will be replayed.

During an attempted jump, curve, or masse shot, or when using a bridge to shoot over an impeding ball, it is a foul to move the impeding ball by hand, cue stick, bridge, or any other means.

When the object ball is frozen to a rail, it is a foul if the player fails to pocket a ball, send the object ball to a different rail or any other ball, including the cue ball, to a different rail after contact. The frozen ball must be declared by the opponent and acknowledge by the shooter prior to the shot.

It is a foul when a shot is played without at least one foot on the floor at the time of contact between the cue tip and the cue ball.

It is a foul if a shot is played while any ball is in motion, including a spinning ball.

When attempting a jump shot, if a player intentionally strikes the cue ball below center (“digs under it”) or miscues during execution of a jump or masse shot, it is considered a foul.

It is a foul when a cue ball is frozen to an illegal object ball and that ball is moved in the process of shooting.

If the cue tip strikes the cue ball more than once during a shot or is still in contact with the cue ball when it strikes the object ball, it is a foul. When the cue ball is frozen or close to the object ball and the player is shooting directly at the object ball, it is a foul if the cue ball travels at a similar speed and path as the object ball after contact.

All fouls must be called and acknowledged by both players before the next shot takes place.

The players may not interfere in any way with a ball as it enters a pocket. Doing so is considered a foul.
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